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Special Reasons not to Disqualify

If special reasons are established, the Court can decide not to endorse penalty points, or not to impose a driving ban, or to lessen any period of disqualification imposed.

Unlike ‘exceptional hardship’, your personal circumstances are not relevant to special reasons.

Rather, the court is concerned with why it happened, in other words, the facts and circumstances of the driving.

Some examples of special reasons are as follows:

Medical emergency

Where the emergency was genuine and unforeseen, and you drove only as a last resort, it may amount to a special reason. For example, if you drove whilst over the limit to take someone to hospital because no ambulance was available in a rural area.

Short distance

The fact that you only drove for a short distance can amount to a special reason in certain circumstances. The distance must be short and the Court will look at the degree of risk to the public involved.

Spiked Drinks

If you drive over the limit but can establish in evidence that you did so whilst unaware someone had 'laced' your drink with alcohol, then a special reason not to disqualify may exist.


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