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Legal Aid & Funding

Given the importance of you finding exactly the right lawyer to protect your future, we have the confidence to provide every client with a first, diagnostic consultation, free of charge.

Further, as solicitors registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board to provide Criminal Legal Assistance to anyone facing a criminal charge, we can guide you on whether you are one of the many people – even in employment – likely to be eligible for legal aid.

Accordingly, depending upon your financial position and the nature of your case, it may be possible for us to represent you under the Scottish Legal Aid scheme. If, however, Legal Aid is not available or appropriate in your case, you can still enlist the expertise of the Adams Whyte team at rates which are fair and transparent. In particular, whilst the cost of representation will depend upon a number of factors, including the complexity of your case, we are always happy to provide you with the certainty of a fee agreed in advance, and, if you prefer, usually the reassurance of a fixed fee arrangement, rather than fees based upon each item of work.

Equally, if you have a motor insurance policy or house insurance policy which provides you with cover for the legal costs of defending a motoring or other prosecution in Scotland, we would always be content to discuss acting for you on this basis. If you are in any doubt as to the terms of cover under any such insurance policy, again, we would be happy to examine the terms of any such policy at your first free consultation.

In short, the justice you want depends on access to the lawyer you need, and we, at Adams Whyte, are proud to provide access to justice through our commitment to representation via legal aid or funding which is clear and manageable.

If, therefore, you are facing a criminal allegation, tip the scales in your favour, get in touch now.

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