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Bail Offences Solicitors

Are you looking for the best criminal defence solicitor to advise you on Bail or defend you on a Bail offence?

How can we help?

  • Year after year, for thousands of client whose liberty is threatened as a result of being taken into police custody, their first choice for help is Adams Whyte.   
  • As an award-winning firm providing emergency legal assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you or your family can count on us being ready and available to fight for your release whenever you need us, at any police station or court across the country.
  • More importantly, we have an impressive track record in securing our client’s release on bail, even when the prosecutor is arguing to have our client kept in custody.
  • Thereafter, where you have been released on bail, you can count on us to guide you on whether there are any grounds to subsequently ask the court to review or relax any of the conditions of bail, for example, to allow you to have contact with a particular person or to enter a particular street.
  • Further, if after being released, you or your loved one, faces a charge of breach of bail, for example, by contacting a particular person or entering a particular place, you can rely on our expertise to defend your position to the fullest before the court.       

So, if you or someone close to you needs help with Bail or a Bail Offence, for the best chance of smart, specialised and successful representation, get in touch now with our Bail Offences Solicitors at Adams Whyte.

(Please note that if you are on bail and are in any doubt about your obligations under that bail order, you should carefully read the copy of the bail order form which will have been given to you by the police or court at the time of your release from custody. Further, if your bail order contains special conditions of bail, for example, that you must not contact a particular person or enter a particular place, you must comply with any such condition of bail, unless and until it has been altered or cancelled by the court.)


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