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Drug Offence Solicitors in Ediburgh, Kirkcaldy & Livingston

Are you looking for the best criminal defence solicitor to defend you on a Drugs Offence charge? Are you facing a charge under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971?

At Adams Whyte, we understand that a Drugs Offence charge can have a major impact on the reputation, livelihood and liberty of those we represent, and potentially on their ability to travel or work abroad. So if you’re facing what for you is the minefield of a drugs offence charge, to tip the scales in your favour, contact our award-winning lawyers now.

How can we help?

Our specialist Drugs Offences solicitors provide decades of combined experience in successfully defending every type of Drugs Offence likely to come before any Scottish criminal courts, including:

  • Possession of Drugs – section 5(2)
  • Possession with Intent to Supply Drugs – section 5(3)
  • Being Concerned in the Supply of Drugs – section 4(3)(b)
  • Production or Cultivation of Drugs – section 6
  • Importation or Exportation of Drugs – section 3
  • Obstruction of a Drugs Search – section 23

What can you expect from Adams Whyte?

In an area of law which is often technical, complex and serious, you can count on our award-winning lawyers to provide the forensic know-how needed to identify the right questions, provide the smartest solutions and deliver the best outcome.

  • For example, are there grounds to argue that the police search in your case was unlawful and that the court should, therefore, disregard any material recovered as a result of that search? Did the police have reasonable grounds to stop and search you or your vehicle? Did the police rely on a search warrant which was not valid?
  • Is yours a case requiring the prosecution to prove ‘possession’ of an illegal drug? And, if so, are there grounds to argue that the prosecution is not able to meet the legal test of providing evidence that the accused had ‘knowledge’ and ‘control’ of the drugs in question?
  • Is the prosecutor’s case against you based on expert evidence, for example on matters such as the analysis or valuation of drugs, or the interpretation of surveillance logs, phone records or financial material? If so, is the expert in question qualified and correct in the findings and opinions offered?

You can take comfort in knowing that our specialised team will carefully examine and vigorously test these and any other issues relevant to your particular case – all with the aim of securing for you the best possible result.

So, if you’re facing a Drugs charge, and want the best chance of smart, specialised and successful representation, get in touch with our Drugs Offences Solicitors at Adams Whyte.

To speak with us in complete confidence for advice on where you stand, contact us now.


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