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Legal Advice at a Police Station

Are you the subject of a police investigation?
Do the police want to question you about a criminal offence?
Are you looking for the best criminal defence solicitor to advise you at or before a police interview?

As specialist lawyers who practise exclusively in the field of criminal defence, we, at Adams Whyte Solicitors, are a multi award winning law firm with vast experience of steering our clients through the many potential pitfalls of police interviews and investigations. That process begins with and needs the expertise to identify the questions you really need answered.

We’ve set out just some of those questions below, along with the answers and guidance you really need.

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5 Reasons to choose Adams Whyte Criminal Defence Solicitors to help you with the police:

  • We provide the highest level of advice and representation across the whole spectrum of criminal law – from murder and serious violence to fraud and financial crime.
  • Our dedicated team of specialist solicitors provides emergency legal assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can count on us being there – at any police station or court - whenever you need us.
  • We have vast experience of successfully defending our clients’ interests at every stage of a police investigation or criminal prosecution.
  • In the protection of your interests during police investigation, you can rely on our lawyers being smart, skilled and robust.
  • You can, therefore, expect lawyers with the legal and tactical know-how to minimise the chances of you being charged or prosecuted and maximise the chances of the best possible outcome at the earliest possible date.

What should you know when dealing with the police?

If the police want to speak to me, should I speak to a lawyer first?  

  • If the police want to speak to you, it’s always wise to speak with a lawyer first.
  • At Adams Whyte Solicitors, we can contact the police on your behalf.
  • We can ensure you are best prepared for any contact with the police by obtaining from the police as much information as possible about their investigation, before they speak with you.
  • We can arrange meetings with the police on your behalf.
  • And we can accompany you to the police station, where you can count on our specialist solicitors having the legal and practical expertise to provide you with the best possible outcome.                                   

If the police arrest me and take me to the police station:

  • How long can the police hold me for? If the police arrest you on suspicion of having committed a criminal offence, to allow further enquiry by the police, you can normally be held without charge for a period up to 12 hours, or in certain exceptional circumstances, a period up to 24 hours.
  • Can I ask for a lawyer to be informed of my arrest? Yes, you have a legal right to request that the police notify a lawyer of your choice to advise that you are in police custody. So, to allow our expert team to get to work for you as soon as possible, ask for Adams Whyte Solicitors straight away.
  • Can I ask to speak to my lawyer before the police interview me? Yes, you have a legal right to have a private consultation with your lawyer, by phone or in person, for advice before the police interview you - and for advice in regard to any other relevant matters, for example, whether you should provide the police with personal data, such as a phone password or whether you should consent to a medical examination.
  • Can I ask for my lawyer to be present at the time of any police interview? Yes, to defend and protect your interests during police questioning, you are entitled to ask for your lawyer to be present when police interview you. 
  • Do I have to answer police questions? In the vast majority of cases, apart from providing your name, address and date of birth, you do not have to answer police questions and, unless and until you’ve had legal advice, it would normally be wise not answer police questions. You should note, however, that there are some exceptions where you must provide information requested by police, for example, the name of a driver of a vehicle if police require you to provide that information under section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. The safest approach, therefore, is to always have a private consultation with your lawyer for advice on which questions you should or should not answer. 
  • The police officers seem fair and nice, so can’t I just rely on them to give me advice? No, regardless of how reasonable or pleasant the police officers may or may not be, their job is to investigate the alleged crime, not to assist or advise you. Accordingly, the police are simply not able or entitled to give you the independent advice you absolutely need. In short, therefore, if you’re in police custody, the safest course is to make sure that you insist on what is your legal right to a private consultation with a lawyer before the police start to interview you.

In summary, if the police want to speak to you about a criminal charge or investigation, to give yourself the best chance of the best outcome, always ask for or contact Adams Whyte Criminal Defence Solicitors without delay.

We understand the terrible impact that a criminal accusation can have on you and your family in terms of your reputation, your livelihood and your liberty. The practical decisions you make at this early or initial stage – what you say and what you don’t say - can have major legal consequences for you further down the road; and from decades of experience, the quicker you enlist our help, the less chance of you making a decision you might later come to regret.

If you’re facing a police investigation, protect your future - get in touch now.


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