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Possession of Offensive Weapon

Are you looking for the best criminal defence solicitor to defend you on an offensive weapon charge?

At Adams Whyte, Solicitors, we have vast experience of fighting for the best possible results for persons charged with possession of an offensive weapon. As experts in the field, here are just some of the questions where you can count on our first-class advice:  

  • Whether the law would regard a particular item as an offensive weapon by its very nature, for example, a sword or a knuckle-duster? Or whether the item would be regarded as one which has been physically ‘adapted’ or altered with the intention of causing personal injury, for example, a sharpened stick or a piece of wood with a nail in it? Or whether the circumstances in which the person has the item would suggest that it was intended to be used to causing injury to another person? 
  • Whether the law would deem an alleged offensive weapon as having been in your possession, for example, in your jacket? Or, If not, whether the item was readily available to you, for example, close by in the side-pocket of a car? Or separated by a greater distance?
  • Whether the location for the alleged offence is one which meets the legal test of a ‘public place’?
  • Whether, based upon what your account, there are grounds to advance a defence that there was a ‘reasonable excuse’ for carrying the item, for example, taking to your job an item needed for work?
  • Whether, based upon what your account, there are grounds to advance a defence of ‘lawful authority’ to carry the item, for example, a soldier or policeman carrying certain work-related items?

At Adams Whyte, Solicitors, we know our law and we always work to win.So, to speak with us in complete confidence for advice on where you stand, get in touch now.

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