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In Trouble with the Police ?

If the police want to question you or a member of your family, it’s wise to contact Adams Whyte without delay.


We can advise on where you stand, arrange any meetings with the police and accompany you to the police station.



Detained or Arrested?

If you are taken into police custody, you have the right to have a lawyer notified free of charge. Always ask for Adams Whyte.


We will visit you at the police station without delay and do all we can to secure your release as soon as possible.



Charged by the Police?

If you have been charged by the police, you are probably wondering where to turn next. It is important not to lose any time in preparing your case. Contact Adams Whyte to find out where you stand.


We will advise you on the charge and tell you what is likely to happen next. We will also identify any investigations which are vital to protect your interests. These may include, for example, taking photographs of injuries, recovering video evidence, tracing witnesses or speaking to defence experts.



Received Your Charge Sheet?

If you receive a charge sheet from the police, the prosecutor or the court, it's unwise to attempt to represent yourself.


To get your case off to the right start, contact Adams Whyte before replying to the court. We can explain exactly what the charge means. We can advise on whether you should plead guilty or not guilty. We can guide you on the penalties available to the court and the likely outcome.



Children's Hearings?

If your child has been asked to attend a Children’s Hearing or is in any way involved with the Children’s Panel System, we can guide you every step of the way and ease what can often be a very anxious experience.


Don’t risk your child’s future. Contact Adams Whyte.



Whatever the charge, wherever your case,

we really can make a difference.

Time is vital. Contact Adams Whyte.



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